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We are going to try a little experiment . . .

We have tons of pictures from our trip to St. Thomas, the proposal (yes, the in the water), and the recent Barden/Habif get-together. The question is - how do we get them to you??

Here is the plan, we have set up a Snapfish account with the pictures we have so far - and we'd LOVE for you all to add upload pictures that you have from other events or get-togethers.

To view the pictures, go to www.snapfish.com
Click "Log In" in the upper-right-hand-corner
Use the user email address: benloveslauren@gmail.com
and the password: wedding

You'll be able to view our pictures, order them online, and upload your own pictures for everyone to view.
If you have your OWN snapfish account, you can copy and paste the following link to view our albums in your own account:



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