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The Friend-Zone

A short bit about us. . . . We met in 1999 as sophomores at Emory University. Ben lived in the Chi Phi fraternity house, and Lauren lived next door. Destined to remain trapped in the friend-zone for the next 5 years, both of us were in (separate) relationships throughout college.

Upon finishing school, Ben found himself in a series of relationships, while Lauren found herself on a series of first-dates. Remaining close friends, we continued to hang out, developing simultaneous secret crushes on one another. Late night talks at Starbucks and dinner and beers at Mellow Mushroom became rituals, and we grew closer, continuously bumping our "Marriage Pact" up earlier and earlier. We shared witty emails from work and even made plans for a platonic Valentine's Day date. We disagree on who had the crush on who first - but we both admit that the thought had been crossing our minds (and lingering in some cases) for quite a while. On February 21, drinks at Dark Horse became a race for liquid courage, and Ben finally got the nerve to ask Lauren if she would consider dating BEFORE the the "marriage pact" kicked in. Lauren was so relieved one of them had finally built up the courage to say something. She reached across the table and they held hands for the rest of dinner. The rest is history.

Dating and Boston

Once deciding that the marriage pact needed revising, we starting dating and having a wonderful time. Atkins Park (site of the infamous platonic Valentines) became a key venue for anniversaries and birthdays, always celebrating with the same waitress, who served us on that Valentine's Day and insisted we'd make the most perfect couple. Sadly, Lauren left for graduate school in Boston in September and Ben began medical school in Atlanta. Long distance was tough - but visits every 3 weeks (upon mandate by Ben) made everything easier.

Engaged! (The Short Version)

Ben proposed on June 26, 2005, after about a year and a half of dating and six years of friendship. Having tricked Lauren into believing they were going to New York to spend a long weekend with the Barden's, kayak down the Delaware, and meet Grandma Etta in Long Island - Ben instead whisked Lauren away to St. Thomas (which he told her was a surprise graduation gift), and proposed in the water at Maho Bay, a secluded beach area on St. John. Lauren was so blind to the proposal that when asked "Will you Marry Me?", she first replied, "When you ask me, of course." It wasn't until Ben produced the ring from his pocket and assured "I AM asking you" that she finally understood. Next came several minutes of crying and blubbering and kissing before we attempted to make it back to the beach to call the family.

(For the intricate details of the engagement and photos from our trip, CLICK HERE)



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