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THANK YOU - To our bridesmaids and groomsmen (and Katz and Brent!) for coming in town to celebrate the upcoming wedding.
UPDATE - Wedding planning is trucking along well. It seems that we are meeting weekly with the band, the photographer, the rabbi, or other assorted folks. As we begin the final countdown, we love reading those RSVP's as they come in! Prizes will be awarded for the most creative responses :) Ben is studying 10 hours a day for the Boards, which he will take on June 26, and Lauren has taken up cooking (mostly out of necessity).
FEATURE!! - Help A Little White-Boy Boogie!
Ben here, I think we all know that I haven't really busted my move since the good-old days of Bar-Mitzvahs where I was known for a half-decent Running Man and Throwing My Hands in the Air without the Propper care. Help me look like LESS of an arythmic-white-boy on my wedding day and help us build our Band Playlist by submitting your song requests. The better the music...maybe people won't notice me?

Visit our Song Submission Page to send us your request!

The Countdown is up and running for those of you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.
(November, 2005) Funny Healthcare Ad - view video
(October, 2005) This month's shout out goes to Dustin, Russ, Mike, and Adam (and Jen and Sarah!) for flying in for a much needed visit. Pictures to come soon.
(October, 2005) NEWS FLASH! - Ben throws back out getting dressed!
That's right! You know medical school is taking its toll on your body when it only takes a cough while tying your shoes to kiss-your-lower-back goodbye.
(October, 2005) UPDATE!! We have secured a date for the wedding! We can't wait to see everyone on JULY 8, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Yes! We have a rabbi!) The wedding will be at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead (Gorgeous!).
(September, 2005) September's shout out goes to our wonderful, caring (and apparently alcoholic) siblings, CRAIG and DANA. Thank you both for everything that you do and everything that you are. And Craig . . . you owe me $52.
(September 2005) Ben and Lauren have begun the art of wedding crashing in search of a good band. Some of them have already asked for song playlists and we have NO idea how we're going to do that, other than to ask for your help. Expect a link in the next couple of weeks to ask for your song suggestions!
(September, 2005) As you can see, Ben has been spending some quality time following in his mother's artistic footsteps. Ben's, however, aren't quite as . . . refined. In case you can't get a full appreciation for the work in such a small form, click on the picture for enlarged version.
(August, 2005) The Barden's have decided to do the rehearsal dinner at Maggianos! That means plenty of UNLIMITED delicious Italian food and wine for all to enjoy just one block away from the hotel!!! We look foward to the menu tasting!
(July, 2005) Habif child arrested for soft-core pornography ring in the St.Thomas Virigin Islands. When aprehended, the couple claimed their escapades were the result of newly-wed elation and that the group of boyscouts who stumbled upon them had no right to bring all that audio visual equipment and DVD production kit.


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